Published Short Stories

A popular website Needle In The Hay is a hub for upcoming and passionate writers.  Competitions run regularly and offer writers a chance to submit their work, have it displayed in a public forum and explore what other fellow writers are doing.  Below are the stories I've had published, in order from most recent to the oldest.

March-April 2014: The Forever Ending Story award required us to write a piece of prose fiction about something once thought eternal coming to an end.  The piece I wrote made the short list and is titled "Intensive Cycle".  Winners for this competition were announced on May 11th, and I am extremely pleased to say that I actually won! Winners were announced here

February-March 2014: Another competition I was lucky enough to be on the short list for was titled 'The Great Barrier' award. This award's focus was on landscape. The piece I wrote is titled "Earth, Wind, Rock & Water".  Please check out some of the other amazingly talented writers, the current competitions and past winners.

January-February 2014: I was lucky enough to make the short list for their 'Gives Good Email' award, which required writers to compose a piece of prose about 21st century romance.  My short story is "The Day I Fell Apart", feel free to check it out!

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